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Here is why we are the market leaders.

 We not only provide one of the best selections of worn panties on the web, but unlike our competitors, we also offer a vast selection of all aspects of worn lingerie, shoes and other clothing. Plus, used and new toys and accessories from our sellers.


Only SecretPassions.club can offer you more than just Female sellers! YES!! We have such a diverse range of sexy horny sellers, we are convinced we can indulge your very deepest darkest Secret Passions (the one’s only you know about).

Our sellers include…….. Females, Males, TV’s, and Twins plus many more unique beauties. All just waiting to make your fantasies become reality.

Many of our sellers also offer additional extra services such as extra days wear, personalised pics, video clips and much much more. Please feel free to contact any of the gorgeous sellers for more details of what extras they personally have available and their price list.

We also handle ALL payments ourselves, NOT our sellers

 Easy Site Navigation.

 If, as a buyer, you have a particular item you desire such as for example, tights, then simply click on the menu at the top, select categories, click on hosiery and browse at your leisure.

If however you have a Secret Passion for a hot TV and would like to have access to all she is offering, then from the menu at the top select Sellers, scroll to Alternative, click on your favourite and sample her wears.

So, however you choose to browse, by Sellers or Categories it couldn’t be easier.

Privacy and security

We understand that trust is extremely important, your safety is paramount at all times and we can assure all our buyers and sellers of our 100% guarantee that all personal information is completely confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

All purchases (where applicable), will be sealed in an air tight bag to lock in every sweet aroma and delicious drop ensuring that you relive the sellers adventures to the max.

All purchases will be sent in discreet plain outer packaging with no hint of your delicious treat inside or where it came from.

All payments are handled by us SecretPassions.Club and NOT our sellers. This is extra security all round so the sellers cannot say they have sent the item when in fact they haven’t and customers cannot say they haven’t received their order when in fact they have.

All orders are sent tracked.

Final Word

 The world is finally becoming more tolerant and understanding of those of us who don’t fit traditional norms. We are all individuals with different desires, fetishes and fantasies and here at Secret Passions we strive to provide a source for all in one place. We do not judge peoples differences, in fact we embrace them. However ‘unusual’ you might be considered to be by some, there is a place for you at SecretPassions.club. Be it as a buyer or a seller you will be welcomed and respected as an individual. Please understand that our staff work as many hours as possible and aim to reply within 48hours. Please bare with us if it takes a little longer, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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