The Scented Gardens

The Red Lady – A fiery red head, likes to play
Peachy Moon – A huge arse, like no other
Mitsie the Voluptuous – Large and sweaty, just like you want


Well hello there, I’m Brad and I just love dressing and playing about in womens tights and panties.

Shhh….let’s keep it between us, I won’t tell if you won’t.


I’m a passable, pretty ts, I’m the girl-next-door…

With a little extra of course!

I’m flexible and accommodating, let me know what does it for you x


My name is none of your concern.

If you need to address me you will call me mistress!

I will be allowing you to indulge yourself in the heady aroma of my BDSM sessions through the very tools of my trade!!!