How do I start?

Simply fill in the “become a seller” form and submit. You will receive a Welcome email explaining all you need to know to start earning. We attempt to reply to all applications, emails and queries within 48 hours.

'Email already in use' when I try to submit my application?

If you receive this error message when submitting your ‘become a seller’ application form then this is because you have created an account already. Please email us at with the email address you used to solve this error.

How do i make an order?

When you have added all the items you would like to purchase along with any extras you would like to your basket, then click checkout. Fill in all your details and the either click pay by card or direct bank transfer to transfer us the funds to our bank account

Here’s how:- Pay by bank transfer!

Once you have clicked direct bank transfer click place order. It will then take you to the checkout page where it will give you your order number, date, total and our bank details to transfer the funds.

I have just paid £25 for membership but I cannot login?

Once you have completed the application form and paid your £25 we will be notified. Your account/profile will then need to be set up and created for you which can take up to 48hours.  Please be patient as we have many applications to respond to. You will NOT be missed.  While waiting for your welcome emails from us you may want to get some cheeky pictures ready to get selling. Any problems please contact us on

I haven't received my order? What do i do?

If you have placed an order and are yet to receive it then please firstly contact the seller you bought from. We are merely a platform so we do not hold stock. If you have contacted your seller but haven’t got a reply then please email us and we will intervene.

How do I send sold items?

Once an item has been sold and payment received you will receive an email from us. Pack the item in a seal-able bag, then place in a padded envelope with the customers name and address printed clearly. Post the package using special delivery only, and send us the tracking number for proof of posting to along with your order number.

How do I get paid?

Once you have sent us the tracking number your funds will be transferred to your bank account that you provided upon applying.

What commission does SP take? will take 20% of all sales.

Who pays for shipping?

The cost of shipping is added to the customers bill. You will initially pay for postage but will be reimbursed once tracking number is provided. This will be added to the payment for you item.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once item has been posted and we have received tracking number at along with your order number, we attempt to transfer payment within 48 hours.

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

As there is no contract, and no minimum term, you can cancel your membership at any time at However, any membership fees paid in advance are non-refundable and you MUST cancel your recurring/standing order payments yourself through bank if you pay via BACS.

How easy is it to cancel my account ( for subscribers or customers)?

Please just email us at along with your email address used for your account and we will delete all data for you

How do I reply to customers?

Messages are exchanged via email. You can use one you already have but as customers can see your full email address when you reply, we strongly advise you set up a separate one specifically for your SP account. This is for your own safety and discretion.

What is 'YITH Live Chat'?

This is where you can log on and live chat with customers browsing the website.

Why are the products I have uploaded not showing?

Products once uploaded need to be authorised. We strive to complete this within 48 hours. Your products will then be visible on your page.

How do I change my profile picture/description on the front of my profile?

You will need to email your new profile picture/description to admin at as it can only be reset by us.

Why don’t I getting any sales?

This could be for a number of reasons including, no profile pic, too few items for sale, wording of bio. This is your shop window so make customers want to buy from you make it sexy…..

How do I increase my sales/attract more custom?

Change your profile pic regularly so customers see it isn’t a dormant page. Upload a good range of products. Add sales or freebies with orders. Set up social media pages for your profile and link them to this one. Make your pictures enticing. Reply to emails and chat to potential customers. Work your profile. As with any business, you need to maximise exposure. Successful sellers have set up accounts on other social media to run alongside their SecretPassions profile. Linking an Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. (even Facebook if you can get away with it;)), account to your SecretPassions profile, it has been proven to increase customer interest and sales. If you need help contact us

How do I edit my products once they have already been uploaded to my page?

Click on the product you wish to edit, then at the top of the page you will see ‘edit’ (pencil icon on mobile view) . Make your changes then click ‘update’

How do I mark my item as ‘sold’

Same way as editing, click on the sold product, click ‘edit’ (pencil icon) then scroll down to ‘inventory’ (clipboard icon) and click ‘out of stock’ and then ‘update’

How do I add 'Optional extras'? to my item?

When editing a product click the product you want and click (the pencil icon) ‘edit’ (or adding a new product) then scroll down to the price area and click ‘Add On’s’ (the last spanner icon next to price) and click ‘New add on’ and then where it says ‘name’ you type in ‘Optional extras’, then underneath label is where you add the different extras I.E 2day wear – price £5 then new option to add masturbation, etc.. once you have all your extras your scroll back up towards the top and click ‘update’ Send us an email if you get stuck.

Can I make a lot of money?

Yes! Like we have said it is down to yourself to work your profile and take it as far as you wish. As long as you keep your regulars happy, they will spend more with you.

Can I upload video clips?

Yes. Upload as you would any other item, don’t actually upload the video itself,  you can use a google image of a video clip by typing ‘video clip, clip art’ into the google search bar.. Scroll down to where you add the price and click the box that says ‘virtual’ you then scroll up to update. You can also advertise your videos on our Live webcam site, SecretPassions.Live and can model the items live on cam 🙂 

Will my personal details be visible to customers?

No! All personal information is for Administration purposes only. The only information accessible to customers is your email address that you use for this account to chat to customers and what you choose to put on your page.

Do you accept sellers and buyers from overseas?

Yes! We accept sellers from all over the world, excluding countries with legal restrictions. We sell worldwide, however shipping costs may vary. WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS cards.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can cancel your order at any time providing tracking number has not been provided at

Is there a way I can place my order without doing a bank transfer?

Yes, we do have card payment as an option too and we try our best to help make the transaction as simple and discreet as possible, contact us at

What will be the return address if the post office ask for one

You are perfectly within your right to refuse to give one as you are not required by law to provide one. You are sending your items via tracked so no need for a return address. But if they insist on giving a returns address then simply provide the customers address.

Can i get a personalized message in my order

This is something you need to ask the seller you are buying from. All our sellers are individual sellers therefore have their own ways of selling. Some maybe happy to write you a message where as others may charge. So please ask your seller.

The seller hasn't replied to me, what do I do?

Our sellers are not obliged to reply to customers, as long as they send their items. Sellers pay a membership fee which requires them to respond to SPC admin at all times. If your seller hasn’t responded to your order/email, send us an email explaining the situation and we will make contact with the seller on your behalf.