Hi Matt here.

Being suited and booted for work everyday has me quite hot and flustered by the time I get home,

but I still smell pretty damn good!


Im an active guy

with a python in my pants!

Its throbbing with anticipation

of you enjoying the spoils.


Im a fit athletic MMA guy,

with a multitude of boxers, shorts,

socks, jocks and more.

Add ons available to make

your purchase more personal

Naughty Welsh Boy

I’m a very naughty welsh boy

Open to any and all suggestions

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Meat Pete

I’m your average straight dad

With a big cock and a very kinky side.

I’m selling my well worn items

Including boxers, socks and filthy pops.


Hey im a 20 year old boy  

I enjoy working out and travelling,

I’m doing this as I love it

Give me a try you will enjoy it😉

Solo Boxers

Hi, Solo Boxers here,

I’m an amateur seller with a nice collection of boxers,

message me if you want to know more.

Sexy fireman


See what happens after a ‘long and hard’ day at work

Sliding down the fireman’s pole.

I can’t wait to strip off and hose myself down.