Black Lacy Knickers – Unused and wanting you

by The Scented Gardens

Unused and waiting for your desires.

In stock

These sexy knickers are available in 3 colours, sexy black, sea green and deep deep purple. Unused and waiting for your wants and desires. They will be worn by The Business Woman – that’s me – and I love to get hot and sweaty.

Why not make a special request and tell me what you want from these seductive panties. Want a picture of my arse in these, let me know.

Message me with your requests or choose from the options above. Lets make some dreams come true.


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The Scented Gardens

We are three larger than life ladies. Sizes 16, 18 and 20. This is our first time and we would love to hear about what you like and what you need.

The Red Lady - size 16 and loves to play. Enjoys pole dancing, burlesque and splits classes. Wonderfully hot and sweaty.

The Business Woman - size 18, nice big arse who loves to get hot.

Mitsie the Voluptuous - size 20 and gets hot easily. You won't be disappointed.

We offer a range of extras and our items are all vacuum sealed for freshness. All come lovingly wrapped to help you enjoy the anticipation of your purchase.

We are happy to consider requests, all items are worn for a minimum of 24 hours. Extras are available.

Message us......we won't bite! Hard!