Bonny’s surprise package

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Bonny’s Extras

Cheeky surprise package containing Bra,  + Panties, + tights, stockings

or hold-ups of my choice.

I want to dress up in full kit of my choice, and get down n dirty just for you x

Tell me exactly what you want me to get up to and I promise it will be my pleasure and delight to make sure you get more than you bargained for hehe x


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Tell me your very own Secret Passion and i'll do me best to indulge your every desire. With lots of naughty extra's available you can share all my kinky exploits. Every item will be drenched in my erotic aroma {and more if you think you can handle it}, for your sensory delight. I'm totally unshockable and eager to hear your fantasy, so come on........ I'm waiting for you
Your very own posh slut
Bonny xxxxx