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Sport knickers (style will vary )

by Rose 29 orders

Optional Extras

Sporty panties, worn during a variety of sweaty sporting activities?

Yoga, running, Pilates, balance, legs/bums and tums to name a few ?

If you’d get hard smelling a pair of my panties worn in extreme environments! then get in touch ?

Requests welcomed ❤

Style and colour may vary but definitely me similar to the photo and worn as described ?


11 reviews for Sport knickers (style will vary )

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  1. jpearce210 (verified owner)

    Rose is absolutely fantastic. She has an unbelievably hot body that she looks after and amazing tits with really hard nipples. She kept in contact with me from before I placed my order right through to me receiving my item in the post. She sent me some amazing pictures and I really enjoyed our chat via email.

    It’s clear that Rose enjoys what she does, and gets a thrill from doing this. That just added to the hotness of the whole thing for me.

    Rose even wore my order an extra day and had an extra play in them for me. Simply put. Super hot.

    I received my order which was packaged perfectly and the item absolutely didn’t disappoint. Soaking wet and oh so sweet smelling. She was genuinely excited for me to receive them and wanted to make sure I was happy with them.

    My experience with Rose was perfect from start to finish and absolutely fantastic value for money. Don’t hesitate to order from here, I’m a very happy and satisfied customer here 😀

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  2. Chris (verified owner)

    From the emails, sexy photos, lavish little extras and smooth delivery I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

    Rose loves what she can give to you and won’t disappoint.

    Gorgeous, friendly and flirty
    Smells like.. heaven?
    Can’t recommend enough!

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  3. james.jr. (verified owner)

    Excellent item – as described for the level of your pleasure required, with quick response time, personalised email updates & quick postage! Sexy pictures are included via email & Rose will listen to any further requests not listed (within reason). Rose is one hot, sexy lady who loves the secretiveness of fulfilling your desires – buy from her & you will not be let diwn!

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  4. ferrettman48 (verified owner)

    Hi gus n gals, bought a pair of panties from Rose, OMG they are very aromatic, arrived sealed in ziplock bag still damp!!!! I would highly recommend her as your secret passsion, you wont be disappointed!!!!!! Rose will give you something a little extra, I wont spoil by telling what is, you can find that out for yourselves. A++++++ Service

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  5. mkaine586 (verified owner)

    Where to start.
    Rose was my first ‘order’, she drew me in with her incredible body and how great it looks in her gym wear. After dropping her an email it was clear that she got as much enjoyment out of doing this as anyone buying any of her items.
    I have now ordered from Rose a number of times. Each time Rose has kept me eagerly waiting with teasing emails and conversations, even more than happy to fulfill special requests and enjoys being different and naughty.
    If your unsure on what you want, just ask Rose for a surprise! If the wait dosnt get you excited then opening that package when it arrives certainly will…
    Rose definitely makes the effort to get to know you and what you like and will definitely please you.
    You will not regret it!!
    Rose is definitely a secret passion of mine…

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  6. Josh (verified owner)

    So my first time buying something like this and honestly I don’t think I could have ask for a better woman to buy from. Rose is very friendly and communicates every step of the way. She is also a beautiful woman who seems to enjoy selling her underwear just as much as you will buying it. The sports knickers I ordered were delivered in a zip lock bag and the aroma was amazing.
    I will definitely be ordering again and I highly recommend buying a pair or 2 for yourself.

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  7. keith (verified owner)

    This lovely Lady will do all she can just to please you .

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  8. flyingdustman (verified owner)

    My contact with Rose has been absolutely perfect from the start, she couldn’t have been more helpful, there were several emails back & forth to gauge what my tastes were, and this had certainly helped when the parcel arrived through my letterbox. I chose to purchase a pair of sports nickers with some extra days wear and a generous photo pack, the photos show a very fit looking young lady and I do mean fit in both senses of the word. The photos are superb, no doubles (which I’ve had before on other sites) and quite a few steamy ones, (I loved them all Rose xx). When I opened my gift from Rose, a Heavenly Scented Aroma filled the air and they were just still in my hand, and as yet not pressed to my face. Could I have asked anything more? No, I don’t think I could, the whole package is perfect its a Pantie Sniffer’s Delight. I hear you ask will you be visiting The Lovely Rose’s Profile and make further purchases. You bet your sweet bippy I will, you just and stop me, I dare you. Thank you Rose thank you very very much. Five stars is not enough but that is all they allow, so here’s 10/10 from me. Bye for now everyone.

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  9. flyingdustman (verified owner)

    Well I’m back and let’s be honest here, who could stay away for too long?
    The first pair of Roses panties were so good and the fragrance so special that I just had to go and buy myself a second pair.

    Just as last time I requested Rose wear her Sports Panties for a few extra days. This time though, they were to be worn to the gym twice, and then they would go on a nice long run with her. Has it paid off?. You bet your Sweet Bippy it has, and then some.

    On the day the Panties were delivered, I hadn’t heard the postman push Rose’s Gift through the letterbox, and there it lay unnoticed on the doormat until later that afternoon, when I decided to go out. What an idiot I’d been… I’d wasted half a day at home and only now had I found my prize. All thoughts of going out were now completely forgotten,

    I snatched the Jiffy bag from its doormat guardian, and hurried back to the front room, eager to inhale the first hint of this precious package. On opening the Jiffy bag out came a second bag and also a little gift from Rose, Thank you, much fun was had xx. A slight fragrance wafted into the room, and as I opened the sealed bag the Delightful smell of Rose jumped out at me. It was a delicious meal for my nostrils. As for the panties, Rose had promised they would arrive in a rather damp state

    They were way past damp. I could almost wipe my face with them, and I did, smelling and tasting them. From all the running and exercise at the gym the fragrance they gave off was a rather full bodied aroma of sweat mixed with a home grown musky heady perfume that is Rose, which filled the air.
    I was and still am delighted with my purchase.

    I have to congratulate and thank The Lovely Rose for all the back and forth messages. I enjoy them just as much as the Panties. I always look forward to seeing Rose’s name appear in my email list, and of course you are never let down, there’s loads of sexy chat in them, and of course then there’s all those Gorgeous photographs of The Lady herself. You are stunning Rose you really are stunning.

    I realy must apologise to you Rose, as this review for your Sports Panties has been quite a long time coming, I’m so sorry for not submitting it sooner. But in the mean time, I have been enjoying your perfumed gift to me, and now the good news is once I’ve submitted this review on The Secret Passions Club. It’ll be once again time to invest in another item of your delightful Underwear, aren’t I the lucky one…

    Thanks, what a Star you are Rose xx

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  10. Paul (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend Rose’s panties they are absolutely delicious, 100 stars, I am a very happy and satisfied customer, Rose is a pleasure to the eyes and nose 😀.

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  11. Matt Luke (verified owner)

    These were really damp and dirty when I opened the package. Rose smells amazing and her dirty panties are very special. Don’t delay, get your order in today, trust me you won’t be disappointed….. xxxx

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