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Wonder Woman Panties ?(style will vary)

by Rose

A little treat for someone……..

10 day wear panties, hardcore stuff- not for the lighthearted ?

I dare you ??

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12 reviews for Wonder Woman Panties ?(style will vary)

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  1. Josh (verified owner)

    The only way I can describe these panties is wonderfully intense.
    I loved the pair I brought and would happily get another.
    I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

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  2. IShane123 (verified owner)

    Guys look no further! First buy of panties and all i can say is i’m not disappointed! They where perfect! Her scent is sweet and smelly, the way i like it (y)

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  3. IShane123 (verified owner)

    Incredible I love the way Rose smells. Drove me wild! Happy to have found her

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  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Rose drives me wild.Her smells are very aromatic and sweet.This pair arrived very wet and smell very dirty.Just the way I like them.

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  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Just wow! Wonder Woman by name Wonder Woman by nature there is something very special about Rose, I’m simply not worthy but my god do I enjoy everything that comes from Rose.
    She is a very genuine & trustworthy lady, that will have you coming back time after time.

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  6. Mike (verified owner)

    It’s not lost on me that this is a review for a pair, a wonderful pair, I might add of dirty panties.
    So when you finish reading this and your left asking yourself I wonder what it is that Rose has, what does she do that’s so different, I’m sure the other ladies are asking themselves too, eager to get their hands on her secret spice blend! Well, all I will say is that there was
    life before Rose & life after Rose, some of us come to secret passions as we have particular kinks, curiosities, we are lonely, we have lost companions(sorry for those that have)we want some attention, we are searching for something. For me it was many of the above but if old close friends could of seen me before Rose they wouldn’t recognise the character, what made me, me was missing they would of said I was a shadow of my former self. If they could see me now, they would tell you guys to watch out as I have a serious fire in my belly, I’m a creative type & I can’t stop this flow that’s pouring out of me at the moment, the spark which ignited that fire is down to one person who I cannot thank enough & yes all that from a filthy pair of panties, well I’m still trying to work it out myself. But even if you want none of the above you just want a pair of sweet tasting panties with intoxicating scents of pure womanly filth you simply cannot get better.
    All I do know is that my thoughts are never far from my secret passion. TY beautiful. 🌹♥️💋

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  7. Andrew (verified owner)

    What a very very sexy lady and so so.naughty she will.do any thing well.almost anything you ask of her

    I will be back again for more of theas very very wet panties thanks again

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  8. Mike (verified owner)

    On & on I sing her song! Rose, is simply the most enthusiastic lady who caters for all you scented desires.
    Panties, thongs, briefs, mens boxers, pj’s, gym wear, socks, nylons you name it your covered, or at least your choice of wears will be with scents & tastes of a real woman!!
    Yet again, my order was worn with the utmost enthusiasm, and during some insanely kinky scenarios.
    I know she gets a thrill from wearing for her clients as much as we all enjoy the end result.
    Your made to feel special when you order from Rose. For a brief period, when I have her attention, I feel listened to, thrilled, indulged, empowered & desirable.
    But it’s always a bitter sweet when I get to this stage, my order is complete, I’m talking to you guys not Rose & my life always seems a little less empty.
    As that rush of ecstasy fades to leave you with a vanilla reality, knowing that if it contained just an ounce of what Rose gives when your lucky enough to have her time, would be unbelievably filled with pleasure.
    With that said, I do have empathy for Rose. It must be difficult to keep us all held high on our pedestals, tending to our needs, quirks & kinks. It’s why I like to give back & show my appreciation.
    Even if your not top of her favourites you wouldn’t know it, she will discover what makes you tick & keep that engine of desire tuned & pumped!
    So don’t be shy, carve yourself out sometime & enjoy the bliss that follows when your order from Rose. 🌹♥️💋

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  9. Mike (verified owner)

    I could just write something very simple & to the point, but I’m not a ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of reviewer!
    Like Rose, I love to put real effort into my feedback just as Rose goes the extra mile to ensure your order is just how you desire. Anything less & id be doing Rose a disservice.
    Rose knows my kinks, how I love my orders but even after nearly two years of SP we still manage to keep things fresh. Dirty fresh!
    We both enjoy it, simple as that.
    Before, during & after I get nothing but utter pleasure from each and every order!
    Flicking through her listings, is like browsing the Argos toys pages as a kid, you want one of everything. Which I pretty much have by the way!
    So when the postman arrives, I get that waking up on Christmas morning feeling!
    I simply can’t wait to open my package. When I do, I go into melt down, I love Roses scent, her taste, that powerful first opening, that deep long suck on her very naughty gusset! Yep, I love it! I’m not ashamed or embarrassed.
    At times I wish I could share with others how much joy I get from the whole experience!
    I find it so damn erotic.
    Not sure my wife would see it from my point of view. Which brings me to another point, if like me you require confidentiality, even after two years Rose has always held the utmost professionalism in what she does, my secret is safe with her! As hers is with me.
    I’m certain many ladies on here are also just as much fun, taste & produce a perfectly acceptable scented bouquet. I would never say a bad word about anyone who is willing to share the joy only a woman’s scent can bring.
    But come on, you can never beat an English Rose! If there were ever an equivalent of the Chelsea flower show for dirty panties, I’d know who’d be winning best in show season after season!
    You could say Im Monty Don of secret passions, or should that be Monty Thong!

    P.s. no idea where all those analogies came from, Rose has a very special ability even when I’m being spontaneous or just thinking about her, she sparks my creativity amongst other things! Love you to bits Rose & thank you for being you.

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  10. mike (verified owner)

    A delightful Miami style thong, worn for me by my Wonder Woman. Rose, really does enjoy wearing for her clients as much as we all love to taste & inhale her intoxicating scents.

    My Wonder Woman order was the icing on an unbelievable experience. You could say they where caked in pure unadulterated passion.
    Roses super power, is something to behold.
    SP’s number 1 works hard, but plays even harder. She will go the extra mile for her clients to make her orders the best or filthiest they can be.
    The build up to this order was the best ever, I’m truly the happiest & luckiest person alive, my photo packs are stunning, the panties are divine too. My heart & everything else is pumping with such passion it’s hard to describe. It still amazes me, the buzz, the fun, the feelings that a filthy thong & a few email exchanges can provide.
    I will cherish this pair for a long time to come.

    If you appreciate a real woman’s aroma, then you will most definitely treasure a pair worn with love & care, which is another way of saying Rose absolutely went to town in these puppies 😉
    Pure naughtiness!
    I certainly enjoyed these today!
    I must admit, I’m quite partial to slipping them on too. Imagining how they’ve been plunging between Roses gorgeous cheeks, and riding up the most superb of womanly places.
    Rose your scents, yes all of them are simply amazing! But my god, you taste even better.
    Most of all, the whole experience as always is second to none. A true hero by day, but an utter Goddess by night. Rose is a woman that needs to be worshipped & adored.

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  11. M (verified owner)

    Another amazing order from the lovely Rose.
    What can I say that I haven’t before. 😍
    Perfect customer service, perfect panties, perfect scent & perfect naughtiness.
    Nothing is too much trouble.
    Rose really does enjoy what she does & it shows.
    Whether your new to this kink or seasoned, Rose will have you & her panties covered! Heheh!
    Thank you beautiful 💋

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  12. James (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow. Rose is gorgeous and so obliging and her panties are just the best. The 10 day offer is sooooo worth it. Thanks Rose xx

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