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Work thong & tights! ?5 Day Wear !!! (Colour and style will vary !)

by Rose

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Sharing a bit of the animal in me? This leopard print thong and tights will be worn for 5 days with your pleasure as a priority ?

No doubt there will be a few horny moments during this time ?

For serious worn panty lovers only! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Clear your diary and have some fun with a piece of me ❤️


4 reviews for Work thong & tights! ?5 Day Wear !!! (Colour and style will vary !)

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  1. jpearce210 (verified owner)

    Words don’t even come close to describe how awesome Rose and her really wet and amazing smelling panties are, this is my 2nd time ordering from Rose and I was just as impressed as last time. Amazing chat and some really nice pics of Rose, who has an absolutely gorgeous body and a really nice laid back flirty personality.

    I have been enjoying these panties so much. Don’t hesitate to order from her, you will be extremely satisfied!

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  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    An awesome sexy babe. Very flirty and wonderful.
    If you do nothing else on here you must buy these. You will never forgive yourself for missing out.
    I LOVE the scent of Roses?

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  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Bought more because Rose is amazing.
    Irresistible xxx

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  4. Mike (verified owner)

    There’s nothing vanilla here, everything smells of Roses.
    I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from Rose for close to 20 months or so.
    As you can imagine, Rose, knows me very well & I know her underwear drawer even better.
    She can tell when I’m not myself, when I need a pick me up, when I need something a little extra(no not those extras!). By the way, Rose, thank you for the little treat!!
    Like wise, I have a good sense of who Rose is & isn’t.
    Yet, we still discover something new with each order.
    Somehow, we keep going!
    Dirty panties aside, if ever there were a person like Rose in my life, I would truly be a happy, if not a near complete person.
    Really? All that from a pair of absolutely filthy pair of knickers(oh how filthy they re)! Yes.
    Quite often Rose is my compass, she resets me, she encourages me. I feel lucky that our paths have crossed, if only virtually.
    Everyone needs a Rose in their lives, just be warned you may feel constant urges to express yourself, you may even develop a confidence you never knew you had. You will certainly find yourself pining for your next order & that very precious time you have with Rose, there simply isn’t a better feeling than when she’s yours. Everything feels achievable when she is in my mind, who wouldn’t want that in their life.

    So, if you ever need to escape from the constraints of your vanilla life then Rose will not judge, she is undoubtedly an island of pure indulgence within a sea of bland.

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I’m Rose, new to this and raring to go ❤️
A professional by day, this means I need some fun by night.
Love nothing more than wearing sexy underwear just for you ?
Your wish is my command, just let me know what fulfills your fantasy, you won’t be disappointed!
Looking forward to hearing from you ?

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