Naughty Black Lace Thong (with free gift)

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I love to please, take your pick and let Sinderella please you. X

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Message me before you order if you don’t see what you like on the list and I’ll Set the price before you do xxx

A naughty high waisted Lace Thing, with the cheeky little bow. I don’t normally wear these all day but it will be fun trying to hide it.
let me show you how messy I can make them for you???

I always aim to please ?

I’m a adventurous and very open minded so if you don’t see an extra that suits you just drop me a message Before you buy and we can discuss ?

All my items come with a free pic of me wearing. Xxx

My photos are always of genuine wear.  But be assured, they will always be worn and sent  “fresh” for you ???


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