Sexy Cerise Full Shorts

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Wore this out to the pub and felt the material grinding and pulled tight against my lips…. email me your request and look at my extra optional add on’s ?.

If you have a special request that is not on my add-on’s email me as I love fulfilling requests just as much as you love smelling my scent x

Don’t forget to click for your free stuffed satin ribbon in my add-on list (if you wish me to pee on it or wedge it instead email me to specify. Maybe you want half and half x

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I am a sultry and seductive brunette who is an experienced seller. I love wearing just as much as you love smelling my scent ?. I also love erotic chat too and have a listing for calls and sexy add-on's with that. I love adding extra pleasure and offer a free satin ribbon, which could be stuffed - you specify your choice of smell. I love teasing and pleasing to the fullest, dressing up and having fun. I am very active and love starting my day with an early morning jog .... so if you like sweaty and a mixture of submission and dominance email me. If there is a particular request not on my add-on list please email me as I love doing special unique requests x