Silky Burned Orange Panties

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If there is anything you would like that isn’t listed just drop me a line so that i can make your experience even more special x

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Silky Burned Orange Panties

My silky burned orange panties are ohh so soft and silky against my precious pussy.

Just how much temptation can you resist?

These super sexy silky panties not only come in a gorgeous sensual silky material, but they’re also full back!

That means there is more of this erotic fabric to soak up all my excitement for you to share.

I can wear it for longer than the standard 24 hours if you want.

Also, you can add any naughty extras i have listed.

Is there is something extra you would like that you don’t see listed? Drop me a message and i’ll add it for you.

Let me wear this set for you. You won’t be disappointed x



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